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Genomic Services


Retrogen's ChIP-Seq project workflows can greatly benefit protein-DNA interaction studies. Depending on your methods, most Library construction can begin with your ChIP-DNA. Sequencing will yield valuable information about where your protein of interest interacts with the template DNA. Contact us today to discuss your project with a Retrogen Project Manager.

Services / Applications

ChIP-Seq Transcription Factors

Structural Proteins


Benefits of Retrogen, Inc.'s NGS Services

  • Multiplexing samples using validated indices lowers your costs
  • Library Construction
  • Multiple QC steps
  • High Quality Data
  • Cloud-Based Data Analysis (MiSeq runs only)

Platform Specifics

Input requirements, library construction method, data analysis, and data transfer will vary depending on desired platform. Click here to learn more about each platform. Please contact your Retrogen NGS Project Manager with any questions regarding which platform and protocol will best suit your project.