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Genomic Services

Library QC

With the increasing availability of next generation sequencing and its applicability to a broad range of applications, new and innovative methods are developed and tested regularly. If you have a library or library construction protocol that you want to process, Retrogen can help validate your library. We can run your library on either Illumina's MiSeq or Ion Torrent's PGM before you begin processing more samples or higher throughputs.

Services / Applications

Library Quality Control Quantitation

Size Distribution

Platform Compatibility

Pooling Optimization

Benefits of Retrogen, Inc.'s NGS Services

  • Multiple QC steps
  • Flexible Sequencing Scale
  • High Quality Data
  • Cloud-Based Data Analysis (MiSeq runs only)

Platform Specifics

Click here to learn more about each platform and contact your Retrogen NGS Project Manager with any questions regarding which platform and strategy will best suit your project.