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Genomic Services

Next-Gen Platforms

Retrogen offers Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on Illumina's MiSeq and Life Technologies´ Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) platforms. Both platforms support a broad range of applications and library construction protocols. Please visit our resources page for more information.

Platform Comparison Overview

MiSeq Ion Torrent PGM
Technology Sequencing by Synthesis (SBS) Semiconductor Sequencing
ChemistryReversible Terminator ChemistryUnmodified Nucleotide Incorporation
StageSingle lane FlowcellIon Chip
DetectionFluorescenceDelta pH
ReadsPaired-End reads up to 2 x 300Single end reads up to 400 nt

Benefits of Retrogen Next Gen Sequencing Services

  • Knowledgeable Technical Assistance
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Sample Preparation through Data Analysis
  • Sequence with the depth of coverage that makes sense for your project
  • Multiplexing samples using validated indices lowers your costs
  • Library Construction
  • Multiple QC steps
  • High Quality Data

Platform Specifics

Flowcells 1M to 25M Reads
Ion chips 400K to 5.5M reads
Read Lengths Up to 2 x 300Up to 400
Data transferFlash DriveFlash Drive
Data AnalysisApplication DependantApplication Dependant


Workflows will vary depending on your project type and desired platform. Please visit the web page for your application of interest to learn more about their specific workflows. Click Here for a list of all Next-Gen Services offered by Retrogen, Inc.