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Refer A Colleague

Refer a Colleague & Get 10 Free Reactions!

Send your colleague this webpage link and have them follow the instructions below (1-6)

Also, as a New Customer, they will get 5 Free Reactions.


  1. Go to http://sequencing.retrogen.com/
  2. Create a dnaLIMS Account
  3. Enter your Sequencing Order. Enter Promocode "New Customer, 5 Free For Me" and your referring colleagues email in the Comments Section and we will send them 10 Free Reactions.
  4. Prepare your samples according to our Submission Requirements:
  5. Ship your samples to 6645 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA, 92121 (Contact us for a free shipping label)
  6. If you are in the Southern California area, schedule your pickup on your dnaLIMS account
    (*Any order received without an entered Promocode won't be discounted!)


As a new customer, they'll get the benefits of...


  • Highest quality sequencing data - up to 1100 bases per reaction
  • Consistent data from every sequencing run
  • Maximum sensitivity with minimum template
  • Fast turnaround service with sequence data delivered within 24-48 hours
  • Professional consultation from our highly experienced genomics staff
  • Free Pickup for local customers
  • Free Shipping


For more information, please call 1 (800) RETROGEN Sales - ext. 111 or 112