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Genomic Services

RNA Sequencing

Retrogen offers various RNA sequencing options on both Illumina and Ion Torrent Platforms. Whether you are interested in Total RNA or Small RNA, we have the ability to take you from sample to high quality data.

Services / Applications

Small RNA Small RNA Discovery

RNA-Seq Gene Expression Analysis

Transcriptome analysis

Benefits of Retrogen, Inc.'s NGS Services

  • Fast Turnaround
  • RNA Purification Available (Total RNA, rRNA-Depleted Total RNA, and Small RNA)
  • Sequence with the depth of coverage that makes sense for your project
  • Multiplexing samples using validated indices lowers your costs
  • Library Construction
  • Multiple QC steps
  • High Quality Data
  • Cloud-Based Data Analysis (MiSeq runs only)
  • All data available upon request (raw & processed files)

Platform Specifics

RNA Sequencing is available on both the Ion Torrent PGM and Illumina's MiSeq. Input requirements, library construction method, data analysis, and data transfer will vary depending on desired platform. Click here to learn more about each platform. Please contact your Retrogen NGS Project Manager for any questions regarding which platform will best suit your project.

Input Type Total RNA / mRNA Total RNA / mRNA / small RNA
Input Quantity10.1-10 µg0.1-10 µg
Input Quality(RIN)≥8≥8
MultiplexingYES (up to 24 samples/pool)YES (Up to 16 samples/pool)
Paired-end ReadsYESNO²
Turnaround Time3 weeks3 weeks
Data Output.bcf, .fastq.sff .fastq


  • RNA purification
  • Sample QC (pre-library input)
  • Library Construction (various QC steps depending on platform and input type)
  • Final Library QC
  • Templating/Cluster Generation
  • Sequencing

1.  Due to necessary QC processes, over the minimum recommended input quantity is required to be sent prior to library construction.
2.  While the PGM does not support true paired-end sequencing, the library protocol is performed in such a way as to cover each section in both directions. Click here for more information.