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Genomic Services

Types of Sequencing Services

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Standard Sequencing Reaction2000-01
Premixed Sequencing Reaction2000-02
96 Well Plate Sequencing2000-87
384 Well Plate Sequencing2000-45
Ready to Load Reaction Service2000-10
96 Well Ready to Load Reaction Service2000-91
BAC, PAC and P1 Ends Sequencing Service2000-15
cDNA/Est Library Sequencing Service2000-16
Sequencing difficult template (GC, siRNA, and secondary structure)2000-27
Single Stranded DNA Sequencing Service2000-03
Double Stranded DNA Sequencing Service2000-04
FDA Submission Sequencing Service2000-05
Sequencing Primer Synthesis2000-06
Plasmid DNA Purification Service2000-08
96 Well Plate Plasmid Purification2000-83
PCR Product Purification Service2000-12
96 Well Plate PCR Product Purification2000-88
384 Well Plate PCR Purification2000-46
PCR Amplification and Purification Service2000-11
Oligo Design and Synthesis Service2000-21
Shotgun Library Construction2000-31
Alignment and Editing2000-42
Finishing and Assembly Services2000-44
Colony Picking 96 well2000-44
Chromatogram Printout Sent by Mail2000-13