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Genomic Services

Targeted Resequencing


Retrogen offers a range of Targeted Resequencing Solutions on Illumina's MiSeq and Life Technologies’ Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) platforms. Recent breakthroughs in multiplexed PCR technology brought amplicon based workflows to NGS with the ability to target hundreds of unique loci throughout an entire genome at once. Incorporating an indexing strategy in your sequencing run can provide valuable information for disease, cancer, and biochemical pathways. For larger targets, a probe-based protocol can provide up to exome level enrichment. Please contact your Retrogen NGS Project Manager for assistance in configuring your project.

Services / Applications

Ion AmpliSeq (Ion Torrent) AmpliSeq Custom Panel

AmpliSeq Fixed Panels

AmpliSeq Targeted RNA
TruSeq (Illumina) TruSeq Custom Amplicon

TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel

TruSeq Targeted RNA
Nextera (Illumina) Nextera Custom Enrichment

Nextera Exome Enrichment
PCR Amplicons gDNA, mtDNA and cDNA derived amplicons

Clone Checking

Transfection/infection checking


Vector/Plasmid Insert sequencing

High Sample Volume Genotyping

Metagenomics (16S rRNA)

Benefits of Retrogen, Inc.'s Targeted Resequencing

  • Various targeting strategies available
  • Variant Calls reported in .vcf files
  • Multiplexing samples using validated indices lowers your costs
  • Library Construction
  • Multiple QC steps
  • High Quality Data
  • Cloud-Based Data analysis (MiSeq runs only)

Platform Specifics

Input requirements, library construction method, data analysis, and data transfer will vary depending on desired platform. Click here to learn more about each platform. Please contact your Retrogen NGS Project Manager with any questions regarding which platform and targeting strategy will best suit your project.


  • Panel Design / Review / Confirm / Order
  • Sample QC (pre-library input)
  • Library Construction
  • Final Library QC
  • Templating/Cluster Generation
  • Sequencing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Transfer