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Genomic Services

Custom Gene Synthesis

The availability of sequences of entire genomes has dramatically increased the number of protein targets, many of which will need to be overexpressed in cells other than the original source of DNA. Gene synthesis often provides a fast and economically efficient approach. The synthetic gene can be optimized for expression and constructed for easy mutational manipulation without regard to the parent genome. Yet design and construction of synthetic genes, especially those coding for large proteins, can be a slow, difficult and confusing process. Through many years of experience in synthetic gene construction, Retrogen has developed a proprietary system by integrating software, instrumentation and protocols that allows us to complete any gene size at a very rapid turnaround time. With this proprietary system Retrogen can offer you complete gene synthesis service, from optimizing the codon to confirming the sequence of the synthetic gene at a very competitive price.

The Advantages of Ordering Custom Gene with Retrogen

  • Optimize gene sequences
  • Design and synthesize all primers
  • Minimize RNA secondary structures
  • Add and/or remove restriction sites
  • Guarantee full sequence verification of both strands
  • Fast Turnaround times

Specifications for Custom Gene Synthesis

Minimum Sequence Length100 base pairs
Maximum Sequence Length15,000 base pairs
Gene Optimization OptionsCodon preference for host organism, secondary structure removal, GC content adjustment, addition or removal of restriction sites.
Starting MaterialEmail the gene sequence to gene@retrogen.com
Gene ConstructionProprietary gene synthesis software is used to design and construct the entire gene.
CloningThe synthetic gene is cloned into a PCR blunt vector.

Subcloning into a customer-provided vector is available at an additional charge.
DNA SequencingBoth Strands are sequenced to verify the integrity of the synthetic gene.
Final Form of Construct5 µg of lyophilized plasmid DNA containing the gene.
ResultsA complete report of gene construction.

A plasmid map and printout of assembly report and chromatograms from automated sequencers.


Size of Gene Price
50 bp - 400 bp $400-500/gene flat rate
401 bp - 1500 bp $1.00-1.25/bp
1501 bp - 3000 bp $1.00-1.50/bp
>3000 bp Inquire

Turnaround time

2-3 weeks − up to 1 kb. Please call for turnaround on larger genes.


  • Make sure the final gene sequence is optimized and modified to your own specifications
  • Obtain a price quote from Retrogen custom gene synthesis department at gene@retrogen.com
  • Email gene sequences and PO number to gene@retrogen.com or send to the following address:

Retrogen, Inc
Gene Construction Department
6645 Nancy Ridge Dr.
San Diego, CA 92121
858-455-8411 (Tel)
858-455-7987 (Fax)
info@retrogen.com (E-mail)

Requirements for Gene Construction Projects and/or Subcloning

Optimization of Gene DNA sequence can be done by Retrogen, if required, before construction
  • Complete DNA sequence for the gene of interest
  • Any restriction sites required for later subcloning included in the sequence
  • Customer is responsible for determining the orientation of subcloned gene and ORF
Note: If the complete sequence of the plasmid is not known, Retrogen will evaluate the project based on the known sequence and determine whether it should be attempted. If the project cannot be completed, the customer will be billed for the full project price to compensate Retrogen for any time, effort and materials used. Note: All DNA sequence information should only be submitted as a Word file or Plain Text. Genbank or other published references are not acceptable.

Delivery Materials

5 µg of final construct will be sent